The Maine Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame seeks to recognize swimmers, divers, officials, coaches, and others who have contributed significantly to Maine's swimming and diving community.


The Maine Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame's first inductee, Harold Paulson of Portland High and the Portland Boys Club, was inducted into the HOF in 1995.

Six years later, in 2001, the second class was inducted into HOF. Inductees honored were George Crimmins and Robert Miller both of Brunswick and Richard Lucas, Gordon Selleck, and Gilbert Wishart of Portland .

Presently, there are 74 members in the HOF all of whom have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to competitive swimming, competitive diving,  and /or open water swimming. The HOF's membership  includes: 42 swimmers, 20 coaches, seven divers, four officials and one open water swimmer.

The Bath Area YMCA is host to the physical Hall of Fame.  

The Hall contains a history of swimming in the State of Maine as well as plaques of all inductees.  

For additional information on the HOF or contributing to the HOF email

Lee Crocker, president, at lcrocker5@aol.com.


Lee Crocker President

Lloyd Crocker Treasurer

Phil Emery Vice President

Robby MacDonald Secretary

Kevin Haley

Jay Morissette

Pete Small

Bob Winslow

Anne Marie Poulin

Maine Swimming & 

Diving  Hall of Fame Museum

Bath YMCA 

303 Centre Street

Bath, Maine